My Letter to Wendy Mass

Dear Wendy Mass,

My name is Adshayah and I am 11 years old. I am in grade 5 and study at Wismer PS in Markham, ON, Canada. I enjoy reading and
writing and hope to become an author someday. I have 3 best friends who all love your books (because I recommended it to them.) Your books are so amazing. You are the reason I even started writing. How exactly did you start writing? Who inspired you?

The reason I started reading your books was because I saw it in the library and it looked really interesting. The first book I read by you was 11 birthdays. It was a really good book and got me interested to read your other books. Then I read the whole Willow Falls Series. My favourite book of that series was 11 birthdays. I cannot believe the last book of the series is coming out soon. It is called The Last Present right? My favourite book by you would be The Candy Makers. It is such a good book. I love it so much I did a book talk on it. I have enclosed the book talk. I think that The Candy Makers really made me think about the meaning of friendship and keeping secrets.

One of the things I like your books are because there is always a message/life lesson. It always teaches you something that you will need to know.

Sometimes it’s amazing what you can learn from books. I really like your books. They also use a lot of descriptive language and have cliff-hangers. Did writing just come to you? Or did you do a lot of proofreading? I think writing is fabulous. It is something you do to motivate, teach, or entertain the reader. It is something totally amazing; it is your own world. I believe writing is something anyone can do, anytime.
Everyone has a different style that they enjoy and love. Writing is your own experience.

Please reply to this email.