This post is a interview on my principal, Dr. Donsky. Dr. Donsky is a very kind woman who loves writing and art. This interview is all about her say on accomplishing your dreams.

As a child growing up,  did you have any dreams?

I think the biggest one was I wanted to be a teacher. I liked art and writing. I wanted to be an artist but my mom didn’t like the idea. The college I wanted to go to was The College of Art and Design but I wasn’t allowed.

What did you do growing up to help achieve your dreams?

I taught swimming. I worked at camps. I volunteered at schools and classrooms. I babysat and I also played with my two younger siblings.

How did you accomplish your dreams?

I applied at the Faculty of Education at York University. at the end of my second year I applied three times. my friends all lied on their resume and got in the first time. I got in on my third try. Then I did occasional teaching for two and a half years. After that I did half a year as an educational assistant. Finally, I got a permanent job as a teacher.

Did you accomplish your dreams?

Yes, you have to be a teacher before you’re a principal.

How did you feel when you accomplished your dreams?

I couldn’t have been happier.