Do you know what YOLO means? It stands for





The meaning of YOLO is that you should enjoy life, even if that means taking risks. The phrase and acronym is used in culture and music, and became popular in the 2011 song “The Motto” by Canadian rapper Drake. It is a really good abbreviation and that’s why I’m writing a post on it. The phrase is very popular. For example, a high school prank in Chicago, Illinois involved high school students chanting “YOLO”. Some people have “YOLO” graffiti on walls. It has become a popular Twitter hashtag, many have said that it is their motto, and actor Zac Efron has a tattoo with the acronym. The phrase and acronym are used in products worn by teenagers such as hats and t-shirts. YOLO is a good phrase. Taking risks is a very important matter in life and that’s what this phrase is trying to express. So remember