There are many things I hope to do this summer like writing, travelling and mostly having fun. I also have a big goal to accomplish by the end of the summer. I also hope to visit my cousin’s dozens of times. In the summer, I love to do things with my family and go on road trips with them.

First, I plan to go to U.S.A. for the Long Weekend in August with my family for a day trip. We will go in car from Markham to the States. I love to go on trips with my family because it’s mostly very fun whenever I’m with them. What we’ll do there is go shopping, see tourist attractions, and even visit some friends who we haven’t seen in a long time. We want to go the malls and get some really nice clothes for all 4 of us. I will bring along a camera so I can take pictures and a notepad to write in. When the sun sets we’ll leave and cross the border into Canada.

I also hope to go to the park with my mom and sister. We can meet friends there and even play games with them. I also want to go the library so I can go on the computers and take out books. It’ll be fun and since I love reading, I’ll enjoy it. Last year we went to the library several times. I also want to go biking. I love riding my bike because it’s so calm. Sometimes, I and my sister have competitions to see who can ride the fastest. These are all places/things that I hope to go to/do in the summer since they’re nearby in the neighbourhood.

Finally, I have a big goal I want to accomplish over the summer. The goal is to publish a book. I love writing! It’s my hobby. I wanted to publish a book ever since I read this book called, “So you wanna be a Writer.” Its good book and inspired me to love writing. The purpose of publishing a book is to inspire, teach and/or entertain the reader. That’s exactly what I plan to do with my book, all three things.

In conclusion, I want to go U.S.A., ride my bike, go to the park, the library and accomplish my goal. These are my main plans for the summer.