Knowledge is the best weapon a human can ever have. There are more open doors, more opportunities, more choices, and more possibilities in life if you have a proper education. Education is needed for every human being. Without it, how will everyone have a better life?  Education is not a privilege but it is a person’s RIGHT. I believe everyone deserves to be educated no matter which culture they come from or which gender they are. When every single person in the world is educated, there are better chances that each and everyone will be able to communicate with people better, get better jobs, and help make the world a better place.

Why we need a proper education is because education can be the best solution to all the world’s problems. There are many not so fortunate people that don’t have an education.  They never get to learn about our community and the things we could do to help make the world a better place. Without learning about the Environment in school, we wouldn’t know how important the world is too us. Education is a RIGHT and everyone needs to learn how to read and write. Can you imagine not knowing your ABC’S? Wouldn’t that be a horror? Can’t even read a label, sign or book.

So remember knowledge is important and always take your learning seriously.