In this world, called Earth, so many people say boys are stronger than girls. Is that true or is it just a stereotype? To me, it’s just a stereotype. Us girls are all powerful, compared to boys. Who says boys always win sports? Who says boys are stronger than girl?? Us girls have to prove to the world that we are very important and we’re not just a piece of junk. Recently, I heard a boy say,”Girls are SUPPOSED to cook.” Who said they HAVE to? I turned around and told him,”Who said that? So girls just cook and you sit around doing nothing. HUH?!?” He was like,”Well, sorta.” Now that is just a stereotype. Who said girls have to do all the chores? Boys don’t? Many girls have done things in this world, like Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and much more. They all did so many things in history, all of them are fabulous women in history.

These days girls can do anything. They can play sports, and win. They can speak out for what they believe in, that’s good. Girls also have an opinion not just boys. Also, now we have equality rights which means men and women have to be treated equally.  Girls are also role models now and they can also be anything they want. Who says a girl can’t be a construction worker?

Believe in girl power! Girls can do anything!