I have three BFFS, they are all awesome. All of them have blogs, which are all inspiring and amazing.


Krista is my inspiration. She is my guidance councillor. She really loves the arts, drama, dance, music and visual arts. She loves to play violin and says it expresses her feelings. She thinks the arts are fascinating!!! Music and art is her life. One of her hobbies is that she loves doing hair. She has a sister who’s older than her and loves the computer and technology. When she goes into high school, she wants to study biology and chemistry. She’s an animal lover!!!!! Her mom won’t let her be vegan until she stops growing because her mom says meat has protein and that makes you grow taller. She always feels guilty and disgusted after eating meat. She love animals!!!! She is an amazing girl who is passionate, kind and trustworthy.


Mahnoor is my guide to life. She teaches me new things and I learn from her. She taught me the most important things in life about love, friendship and risks. She loves to listen to music. All sorts of different types. Pop, rock, everything. She has two sisters and one brother. she thinks her sisters were born to annoy her and she hates them. She wants to be a lawyer and do good for the world. She was inspired by someone and ever since she has a dream. I believe it’s a good idea because she is very persuasive and social. Ask anyone who knows her. She loves acting and drama. She wanted to be an actress before but she gave up the dream, after she realized she couldn’t be a lawyer and actress. She is a true friend who is social, reliable and caring.


Christine is my writing partner. Without her, I wouldn’t have gone this far. She and me work together to write and lead a writing club together at school. She is a perfectionist and likes to do things great and take her time. She loves gymnastics and has been doing it for three years. She has one younger sister who is a big bookworm and loves to read. Christine also loves to read and thinks that reading is an awesome hobby. She loves to do hair just like Krista and if you see her, you’re most likely to see her hair in a ponytail or two, half ponytail or in a bun. She likes to draw sometimes, and thinks her drawing is okay. I tell her that it’s awesome. She is an awesome writer who is nice, talented and inspiring.