Hey everyone, how’s your summer??? Just wanted to tell you all about this amazing movie that came out this summer. It’s called the Teen Beach Movie. The movie is about two young people named Brady and McKenzie. They love surfing and it’s their first and best hobby. McKenzie has to leave to go to another school because she made a deal with her aunt that she will stay for the first part of high school and then move. Brady really wants her to stay because  he loves her and she’s the one he enjoys surfing with. Brady and McKenzie were listening to the radio and they that there were going to be 40 foot waves in the ocean the next day. Mackenzie wanted to go for a surf before she left for her new school because she loved surfing. The next morning Mackenzie got her surf board and went out to the waves – she was so determined to have one last time in the water before she left. When it was getting really dangerous Brady got scared and went a boat to save McKenzie but they both crashed into the wave. When the two woke up McKenzie was really mad at Brady because she knew she could it herself.

When they got to the surface they saw people dancing and singing and Brady recognized the people, the words, the clothes – everything. Brady and McKenzie were in Brady’s favourite movie, Wet Side Story which took place in the 60′s! McKenzie, Brady and their grandfather watched the movie the day before they had crashed into the wave. McKenzie was very confused and was thinking of a way to get back home, but Brady wanted to have fun and joined the scene at the beginning. NOW THAT’S WHERE THE STORY GETS STARTED! 🙂 It’s a great movie for kids and adults to watch. They’ll both get their own laughs and memories out of it. The songs are awesome because they get the feel of 60s pop music and the touch of modern pop music. Also, if you like R5, Austin and Ally, Maia Mitchell or Ross Lynch, then you would totally love this movie. SO BE SURE TO WATCH IT. 😀