What is inspiration??? Inspiration is motivating action or influence for creativity. Writer and artists depend on inspiration to keep them going. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Inspiration can make you feel happy and helps you to keep doing what you love. The reason I love writing is because every time someone reads my writing I’m inspiring them for change or teaching them something new. Everyone I know have inspired someone/been inspired. My friend Christine and me were inspired by each other to keep writing. We both know that whenever we feel discouraged to keep on going we just have to look at others in a way that will motivate us to keep on going. My top inspiration at the moment is my friend, Krista. I told her all about my dream to publish books and make a mark and she kept telling me to go for it and asking questions to help me make decisions. I KNOW THAT SHE IS MY INSPIRATION. 🙂 So remember that every time you feel like you can’t do it look up your role model’s latest project, her blog, her speech, her talent, anything that will inspire you to keep going.