We are born with a spark inside of us and it’s our duty to light our sparks, turn them into flames and keep it going. That spark represents our passion, the issue that angers us the most. Once everyone’s spark has been turned into a flame, then together we can all change the world using our talents and words. We all have our sparks-the moments that show the passions of a lifetime. Some sparks are large, others small. You never know when your spark is lit. Our sparks are as unique as each of us.

My spark was ignited when  I heard Sydney’s speech at We Day. Sydney Brouillard Coyle is a 12 year old girl who wants to be Prime Minister of Canada in 40 years. She is already making a difference. Her speech ignited my spark and turned my spark into a flame. YOUR SPARK, IGNITE IT so together we can make change.