The Casa Loma is a 98 room castle in Downtown. I visited it yesterday. The Casa Loma is a great wonder and is told to be a vision through different ages/generations. It was the grandest home imagined. The Casa Loma was owned by Sir Henry Mill Pellatt and Lady Mary Pellatt. The Casa Loma has three floors each with different rooms telling the story of the Casa Loma and the purpose of each room. There are rooms from the library to the suites to the towers to the gardens. It is truly amazing. The 1st floor has all the rooms in a regular house + library + conservatory and the terrace leading to the gardens. The second floor has Sir and Lady Pellatt’s suites and the guest suites. The suites all include a wardrobe, bathroom, and bedroom. Did you know that Lady Mary Pellatt’s suite is bigger than Sir Henry Mill Pellatt’s suite. It also includes a girl guide exhibit and since me and my sister are girl guides it was really interesting. The third floor was for the unmarried female servants. They had 5 bedrooms for the unmarried female servants. Each small room had space for 2 people and the big rooms had room for 4 people. There were also rooms  for the World War I and World War II. It had weapons, army uniforms and certificates and awards. There was even a staircase leading to the towers. IT WAS SO COOL!!!! I had so much fun there and for those of you who are bored ask your parents to go to Casa Loma because it is an awesome place.

P.S. I forgot to say that there are also secret passages leading to a room on the higher floor.