We all like different colours. There are colours that make us feel good and colours that we hate. Think of the colour of your favourite shirt/pants and how it makes you feel. Now think about a colour you dislike and how it would make you feel. Throughout generations, people have felt/feel that colour has an effect on their health and happiness of their body, mind and spirit. Today scientists are able to demonstrate how people/humans act when they see specific colours. Businesses are discovering that employees work better when surrounded with certain colours and hospitals are aware of the effects colour have on their patients. TODAY EACH COLOUR MAKES US FEEL A SPECIFIC WAY BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT EACH COLOUR IS REPRESENTED WITH ADJECTIVES??? Here’s the colour dictionary for you.

RED-strength, joy, security

ORANGE-confidence, warmth, community

YELLOW-clarity, wisdom, personal power

GREEN-growth, balance, healing

TURQUOISE-communication truth, determination

BLUE- understanding, truth, intuition

VIOLET- insight, beauty, creativity

PINK-love, friendship, caring

Try to memorize this and whenever you ask people what their favourite colours are, think about what the colour stands for and why it’s one of a kind.