Ever read the CandyMakers written by Wendy Mass? It is the most amazing book of all times and is on my top 3 favorite books of all times like Jake and Lily. This book is pretty much recommended for people who like humour and books about friendship and mystery. It’s about four twelve year olds named Logan, Miles, Daisy and Phillip. They all entered a candy making competition and in their city they were the four ones picked to enter in the national competition. They all have different interests and different lives but what they don’t realize is that their differences bring them together. Logan is the candymaker’s son and he doesn’t have any friends. Miles is the afterlife believer and is allergic to rowboats and the colour pink. Philip is a rude sophisticated guy in a tie and suit. Daisy is, something that, well, I can’t tell you. Want to know? I suggest you read the book! It’s a book full of friendship worth a lifetime and wonders of candy and it’s process. Creativity and dreams are a big part of this book. My friend even said that,”WHEN YOU READ THIS BOOK, IT WILL LITERALLY MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER.” Now this friend, she was once really close to me, but now, we’re not so much but deep down she’s in my heart and I hope she knows who she is.