Self-esteem is like a feeling, the opinion you have about yourself. It’s all about how much you like who you are. Self-esteem is part of you and not an actual body part. The doctor can’t feel or listen to self-esteem when she’s examining your body. It’s the big idea you have about yourself that you carry in your heart and head. Your self-esteem is a little voice that says:


  • “Give it a try”
  • “You’re terrific”


  • “You can’t do it.”
  • “What a jerk you are.”

When your self-esteem is high, you can do anything. When it’s low, you think you can’t. Even though self-esteem is inside of you, the world can see it through your body language. In most situations, a person with high self-esteem takes pride in everything and is confident. Self-esteem comes from within you but it’s more complicates than that. You self-esteem has been built since you were a baby. How you take care of youself, the choices you make, and the goals you set plays a big part in determining your self-esteem. Whenever you try something new, whether you succeed or not, you are improving your self-esteem. Anyways, you can’t always have high-esteem but you can always try and be more positive of everything.