I just came back from the most interesting sights ever. I just went to the Markham Auto Classic. The Markham Auto Classic is being held at the Markham Museum from 10 am to 5pm today. There were so many vintage cars from 1910 to 1999. There were cars in all cars imaginable and even a truck 4 TIMES THE SIZE OF ME. IT WAS HUGE. There were british cars(which have a left side steering wheel), Italian cars, and even American cars. Cars from before war and after war, even carriages. Many cars had trophies and awards. There was even a car from 1949 which is rare because there are only three in Canada. Some cars had 2 doors/4 doors and it said the price at which they bought the car. IT WAS SO CHEAP BACK THEN. There was also food vendors and crafts, even a band. SO I SUGGEST IF IT’S NOT 5 PM YET, that you run on downstairs and grab your parents and tell them to take you there because I can tell you that it is one phenomenal sight.