In JK Rowling’s entire life she never gave up on her ideas. She took events that happened in her life and made them part of her Harry Potter world. People always say things happen for a reason, well in JK Rowling’s case things did happen for the right reason. Without her train being delayed she might have never thought of Harry Potter. Her life was far from perfect, she has lost contact with her father, she no longer has a mother, and she is supporting three children and trying to give them a normal life when hers is so crazy.

JK Rowling never gave up on Harry Potter, she wrote for her pleasure, not for what others wanted to read. The point is having such a hard core fan base can be very challenging. You want to keep them happy but more importantly you want to keep yourself happy and write a novel you can be proud of. JK Rowling is a primary example of how to do this. She killed favourite characters, changed locations and times, but she also made her readers happy.

She was one-of a kind. JK Rowling has finished the Harry Potter Series but her books will always be around.