Hard work is the secret to success, a least that`s one of the eight characteristics successful people have in common. That`s what Richard St. John says in his latest video. Successful people work very hard. Working hard is also about having fun and he says successful people have fun working. Did you know Bill Gates worked most nights till 10 pm and took two weeks off in seven years??? Nothing comes easy even if you`re doing what you love. We, as human beings, we tend to underestimate work and overestimate talent but in the end, work tops talent. Talent is due to the time and success you put into your work. Do you still want to know why work tops talent???Because talented people don`t achieve much success because they sit back and relax because they think they`re done but talent comes only when you work hard, not sit back and relax. Many successful people aren`t that smart, they just work the hardest. The point is talented or not, smart or not, working hard is the key.