Here are a list of all my friends’s blogs. They’re all awesome in their own way.

  • AngelAbi’s Blog This is my sister’s blog, check it out. It’s the best and she updates it everyday.
  • Christine W’s Blog This is one of my friends blogs. She just started it and it and looks amazing.
  • Christine’s Blog This is my BFF’s Blog, Christine’s Blog. She’s doing a great job so take a look.
  • Hannah’s Blog This is one of the most awesome blogs and it’s so true. It inspires me so much
  • Krista’s Blog This is my BFF’s blog, Krista’s Blog. CHECK IT OUT!! I love it and you will too.
  • Maathurya’s Blog This is my BFF’S Blog, it is amazing and an inspiration that I can never forget.
  • Suzanne’s Blog This is Christine’s sister, Suzanne’s Blog. It’s pretty awesome for a third grader

I love them and be sure to check them out.