Over the weekend, I went camping with my Girl Guide Unit. We went to Camp Ma-Kee-Wa. It was an hour and a half drive. It was my first time tent camp so you can imagine how excited I was. I was put in a tent along with five other people. Their names were Joey, Kristine, Robin, Emma, and Jessica. They were all the same age as me and there were two other tents. All the Girl Guides who had come were great people. Altogether, there was 13 of us.

Tent Camping

On Friday, we got unpacked, and set up the tents. Next, we had a little snack, particularly, crackers and cheese and fruit. Soon after that, I had to go to the washroom in the outhouse. It was a scary experience.  Then we had a campfire over a real fire and it was fun. We roasted marshmallows and sang Camp Songs e.g. Black Socks, Scotty, and many more. Soon after that, we went to bed at 10: 30 pm. Some people stayed up till 11.

On Saturday, we woke up and made pancakes on the camp oven, They were good. We had yogurt tubes, and an option of hot/cold cereal. We even got HOT CHOCOLATE!!! After that, we washed our dishes, and went on to an activity related to the environment. We cleaned out the shoreline near the camp since it was the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Week. It was really cool. Want to learn about the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup??? Well, check out my post on it. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!!!

After that, we had lunch where we roasted hot dogs and we had chicken noodle soup. Then we got free time and I played with my friends, Chloe and Angelica.  An hour later, we planted trees and flowers. My tree planting partner was Samantha, it was hard work planting a tree. Later, me and Samantha found a stone cut in two halves, so we decided to take a half each, so she got one half and I got one half. It’s a friendship stone. Soon after that, we went and had dinner. We made butterfly pasta, garlic bread and so much more. It was delicious. After that, it was time for another campfire. It was getting dark, so we decided that a fire would warm us up. We made smores. They were great. I went to bed real late that night. My tentmates and me fooled around a lot.

On Sunday, I woke up early and we had scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast. It was good. AND EVEN MORE HOT CHOCOLATE!!! So much this weekend. After we cleaned out our tents and changed our clothes. We got ready and brushed. Then we finally cleaned out everything. It was hard. Soon, we had a Guides Own where we shared what we liked about camp and what we didn’t like.

 My favourite part was the Tree Planting and the campfires. The Campfires were special. They were real and we got to sing songs and have fun while enjoying smores. I didn’t like the outhouse. It was one of the freakiest places ever.

~Adshayah, Me

After that we got three badges which are great. I’m very happy. I loved camp and it is one experience I’ll never forget. I want to thank Mother Nature for being supportive. Tent Camping was amazing.