My Unsung Hero is my mom.  She is one of the biggest parts of my life and has done many things to make me who I am today. Let me tell you a little about my mom. Her name is Menaka Sathiaseelan. She works as an Accounts Payable Clerk. Tamil is her first language and English is her second. She is a Canadian Citizen and has lived in Canada for around 10 years. There are many reasons why she’s my unsung hero.

She does a lot of things for me such as cooking, doing the laundry, shopping, driving me to classes, and much more. The reason I’m living is because of her, I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for her. She buys me clothes, supplies food for me, and even makes sure I’m healthy. She cares a lot about my education; my mom has big dreams for me and even does extra work with me so I have a proper learning system at home and at school. She is always telling me to eat healthy and exercise since she doesn’t want me to get sick.

She is also always giving me advice. Whenever I’m in a bad situation she always tells me the right thing to do. She has also taught me a lot of lessons. One of them is to face challenges and take risks. My mom is also the one who has taught me mainly everything I know. She is a very wise and kind woman who cares about me a lot. The best thing is that she supports and encourages me. Even if I have this crazy dream, she always tells me to go on and reach high. That’s what I love about her. My mom is the one who even suggested I enter a nomination for this contest. I’m so happy I did because now I can tell the whole world how much my mom is the best.

She is my role model. She has done many amazing things in her life like go into another city to study, come to North America, impressed many people, and got a job as an Accounts Payable Clerk. She has also gotten 2nd place in a devotional song competition and is really good at long jump. My mom is also very creative and when it comes to cooking or baking there is nothing you can do other than stand there and see how magnificent of a cook/baker she is or help her. She is always telling me stories about her childhood. Life in Sri Lanka wasn’t as easy as Life in Canada. I think I realized how lucky I am to have a mom who has faced many fears, grew up in a 3rd world country and lost her mom at the age of 17. She even told me stories where planes/helicopters came and bombed their lands. That was a really scary experience for her. For safety, they had to hide in the bunker.  A bunker is underground to protect people from falling bombs and other weapons. Compared to her, I think I’m the lucky one and I should really appreciate that because I have a lot of advantages here in Canada and she had a hard life. That’s why she’s my role model because she had to face a lot of scary things growing up and she has also done many amazing things like win competitions.

In conclusion, the reasons why she is my unsung hero is because she does a lot of things for me, cares about my education, gives me advice, teaches me lessons, supports me, and is my role model. She has gone through a lot of tough times. I love her. SHE IS MY WORLD!!