This is a good poem about where my BFF is from.

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I’m From

Burning hot, and freezing cold

pouring rain, and whitening snow

mountains, rivers, hills, and ricefields

that’s where I’m from

I’m From

Pants, shirts, ties, amd blazors

socks pulled high, and lots of work

short nails, and tied up hair,and

a ribbon on every pony tail

I’m From

yummy sweets, and festivals on every street

pretty clothes, and shoes to match

walking to the temple, “God I respect you”

Pujas and money, that take up the day,

having fun is the best way

I’m From

Rafting, boating, and sky gliding,

fun to do everyday

friends next door that make my day

I’m From

Rice and Veggies,yummy mangoes on the side,

and occasionally meat to top the dish

My grandma cooks, thats my only wish

I’m From

bumpy roads,and motercycles

everywhere you see, I’m from

this place, a joy to be          


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