Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!! Today is a day to be grateful for everything you have and thank everyone who has helped/supported/encouraged you. Thank you to the people reading this post and to whoever invented writing. I would like to give a shout-out to my best friends, and my family and relatives. They are all amazing people. The world is a beautiful place and we have to say a lot of thank-you’s in our live so THANK YOU! If you haven’t seen my post for Wordless Wednesdays: Gratitude or the I’m Thankful For Post, be sure to take a look. Also, one last thank-you to the people who created Thanksgiving. Do you know who they are?Yes, the Natives so THANK YOU NATIVES! Thank you for making this a day for people to realize how much they can be grateful for. ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Also, be sure to tell me how the gravy and mashed potatoes taste, along with the turkey.