Imagine a place where everyone was the same. We all had the same hair colour, we would all look the same, and we would all have the same clothes, the only difference would be our name. It would be a weird and boring place. No one would be unique, that’s why we have diversity. Diversity is important because we all come from different religions and live in a world where every religion has a different belief. Our world  is an amazing diverse place. In Canada, at school, we’re all different. I have a Tamil friend, a Muslim friend, a Nepalese friend and a Chinese friend. They’re all different. That’s why it is important. In grade 2 I once wrote a story about a king who made a rule that everyone should have the same haircut as him. Here’s an excerpt:

Everyone in the whole kingdom had the same hair. The royal chef had the same haircut. The royal hamster had the same haircut, even the royal dog had the same haircut.

It was a funny story but the point is we’re all unique and that’s fun. So remember to always respect others for their culture and beliefs.