Today is We Day Vancouver. It’s an amazing celebration. I’m watching it right now. There are many different people: Avril Lavigne, the Kielburgers, Martin Luther King Jr III, Kofi Annan, Molly Burke, Vishal Vijay, Hannah Alper, and Spencer West. It really inspires you to make a difference. Believe that we can CHANGE THE WORLD. You don’t have to do something big, even something small will help. We all have different talents, and that can help us make a difference. This generation is going to be ours, you have to have the courage and strength to take on some of the issues in your own way with your own talents. If you like writing, you can start a blog to raise awareness, if you like music, you can write a song about making a difference, if you like art you can draw pictures and make posters to show information. We all have many role models, Malala Yousafzai, Severn Suzuki, Iqbal Masih, so many kids are making a difference so be sure to make a difference. Need to get inspired??? Watch the Special Broadcast of We Day 2013 on Monday, November 11, 2013, 7 pm. Remember, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU REALLY CAN!!