Eating Healthy is really important like Christine said. To sum it up, eating healthy will keep you fit, give your body the fuel it needs, and make your body stronger. Eating Healthy benefits you for a good life.

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Would you rather eat ice cream than broccoli??? If your answer is yes, then one day you are going to regret it.  Eating healthy is really important especially for kids. If you eat unhealthy food (food containing excessive fat, salt, and sugar which are commonly referred as ‘junk food’), you may not see bad effects immediately, but when you grow older, then the health problems will start knocking your door. Do you want more details on why children should eat healthy? Then read on.

If you eat healthy, then your body will get enough nutrients, and you will be able to study better in school.  How do you do it? First, you need to eat a healthy breakfast. Without that your brain will not function properly, and I can tell you that your day will not be as good as you expect.  Anyways, breakfast at home can be as easy as 1-2-3! Now, the…

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