Toronto has a new landmark–an aquarium. The Ripley’s Aquarium is right beside the Rogers Centre at the base of the CN Tower. It’s home to more than 16,000 marine animals and 450 species.There are lots of cool displays to let kids see and experience the fish.

In the “dangerous lagoon,” visitors get on a moving sidewalk which takes them on a slow ride through a 97-metre see-through tunnel filled with 17 sharks and thousands of marine animals. Sea turtles and saw fish swim come over as visitors zooms past them.

“Touch pools” feature horseshoe crabs, stingrays and bamboo sharks. The pools are shallow, so people can reach in and gently pet the animals.

An exhibit called Planet Jellies houses many different species of colourful jellyfish.

A small café next to a children’s play area, lets us kids explore and blow off a bit of steam–including going down slides–before continuing their visit.

Because it’s still very new, the aquarium is packed with visitors every day. It is really cool and I think you should visit it too. Be sure to check it out!!!