I think life is a journey, only we have the map! We all go on a journey called life, finding new friends, achieving goals, trusting people, and doing what we love most. We all face many stops on the journey of life, those are the difficulties. It could be friendship trouble, family problems, health issues, or many different things. Whatever it is, life is meant to be worth living because You Only Live Once!!!

What I enjoy about life is the thrills of what’s going to happen next. We all don’t know what we have in store for us, what our future will be like. We don’t know who will be worth keeping as friends and who will guide us through life. I also love that we learn new things everyday and we never stop learning, whether it’s a life lesson or a math problem. I could be learning why jaguars are extinct and tomorrow learn how to sing a song. There’s so much to learn in life.

The different people you meet in the journey of life are all unique and have taught you something, whether it’s an uncle or sister or friend. Everyone is unique and everyone’s story is different, that’s why diversity is important. Life is also all about philosophy, we all live with philosophy whether we know it or not. My philosophy is live life happily and dream big. I always live up to it and that’s how I get through life. Plus I know without my friend, Krista, and my sister Abi, and my parents, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What do you think of life???