Physical bullying involves hitting, shoving, pushing, tripping, and other kinds of force.

Verbal bullying involves hurtful comments, name-calling, teasing.

Social bullying involves using relationships to hurt someone. It involves excluding or ostracizing someone from a friend group, spreading rumours, or “the silent treatment”.

Cyberbullying happens over cellphones or the internet.

National Bullying Week November 18th to November 23rd, 2013. It is time to create more awareness of what goes on month after month, year after year. Bullying is the name we give to any negative, aggressive action that hurts, humiliates, demeans, frightens or excludes someone. Being the target of bullying can be hurtful, scary, and isolating. It can also be upsetting to be a witness to bullying. Even though it’s difficult, remember: you’re not alone, and there are ways you can keep bullying out of your life.


  • Usually happens between peers
  • Is often part of a pattern (i.e. it happens more than once)
  • Is almost always done on purpose (though sometimes the person doing the bullying may think AND SAY it’s ‘just a joke’)

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