This is an essay that is going to be published in a book:

Surprise is a creation of excitement, and a wonder of awe. It is what keeps the cycle of fun going. It is a question of happiness and happiness of question. For me, surprise is what goes around when something new is up. Something amazing. The surprise is what shocks you. Surprise is when you see the glistening white snow on the ground for the first time. It’s a creation of emotion. Many people say surprise is when you are in awe but it’s also when you are sad, and you need some cheering up. Surprise can really well, surprise you. Surprise is like a present, when you give it to someone they can be happy or sad. I used to be one of the people who never enjoyed surprises. Now I see it every day and I’m fine with it. Surprise will shock you when you least expect it. It is a bowl of emotions waiting to jump on the ground. It is a seed waiting to sprout. One day, the shock of surprise will jump by me and….that will be it.