Ever heard if the book Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli? Stargirl is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is so mysterious, unique, and makes such an impression that you wish you could meet her and hear her voice. Stargirl is too amazing for words, because Stargirl, is bigger than the night sky. This is one of those books where you can allow your heart to open up wide and let the story sink deep. It is a series for every teenage girl: just reading it makes you a better person, teaching you to laugh, to listen, to enjoy, to love, to care…We all want to dance to the music in our own heads, but we don’t because of the looks, whispers and stares we’d get. Stargirl is the person we all want to be, while Leo reminds us of the person most of us are. I HEART Stargirl. I couldn’t put it down; this book had me completely mesmerized. One day, I want to be as brave as Stargirl, you might to as soon as you READ THE BOOK!