I, like any 11 year old wants a lot of things for Christmas, but as a writer, I would want things that a regular 11 year old wouldn’t even care about. Here’s the cheat sheet for my BFFS because now you know what to get me.

  • A book you loved – used is all the better, show me that you couldn’t stop reading it and when you did you were so absorbed that you forgot the spine would break when you put it face down on the chair arm.
  • A bookmark –  to remind me to read everyday.
  • A pen and notebook – if you know me well, you’ll know I’m addicted to these

  • A gift card to a bookstore – for more and more books
  • A photograph that tells a story – a postcard, a photo, a picture from which I can imagine an adventure.
  • A seashell – so that in the middle of winter I can hold it in my hands and remember the sun.
  • A new experience – a spice I’ve never tasted, music from an African village, a combination of things I’d never considered.
  • A hot drink –  to warm my spirits.
  • A new idea – send a clipping of a news story, a recipe, a brochure of a wilderness camp.
  • Hope –  let me know you think I can do it.
  • Faith – let me know you’ve believed in me all along.
  • Appreciation – let me know I’ve meant something to you.


  • Cookies – because yeah, even writers have to snack.

So, remember this is what I would want.