I recently put my blog on the Community Pool and I asked for ideas on my blog! One particular reader said, “Being a scientist myself, I always love to know how young people love/understand science. You say that, you see yourself looking for cancer cures in 20 years from now. Tell me what motivates you to do this and spread the passion for science amongst other readers :).” 

When I was in grade 2 I started to like Science. In my class, we always used to do experiments and it was always interesting. I always wanted to see the result and know how the Solar System worked. I was interested in why light travels in a straight line and how the water cycle worked. It was fascinating. It was interesting. Then I started getting into animals and I even did a project on kangaroos.

Science is everywhere. It’s really important and that’s why I love it. There’s so much you can learn through science.There are various topics that fall under the Science category that’s interesting too. Science is never boring and there’s always a fact that you never learned that’s going to make you go, “WOW!”

In 20 years, remember that I’ll be done nine years of university and studying cures for cancer, because I want to make a difference in the world and learn more about how we can stop all the diseases/illnesses that stop us from living life. SCIENCE ROCKS so remember