I have a philosophy, everyone should have one. It’s a list of all the things you live by. My philosophy is simple but complicated. I live by this, so these are my principles.

  1. Be myself, don’t try and be someone else. Focus on the positives and follow my heart.

  2. I should be grateful for everything I have, because not many people have as much as I do. I have to thank everyone for all the things they do for me.

3. Be compassionate, understanding and loving towards all others, humans, animals and plants.

  1. Love what I do, and never give up no matter what. Try my best at everything and work my hardest for the ones I love.

  2. Never be racist or sexist. Don’t be shallow!

  3. Try new things and create my own fun. Have more experiences and enjoy life for what it is.

  4. Don’t take my friends or family for granted! Be loved and give love!