Have you heard of the mission called Mars One. It is a project for four people to go to Mars in 2023 to prove that people can live in Mars. Do you believe that humans can live on Mars because a Dutch business owner did and that’s what started this big project. He believes that with proper preparation humans can live on Mars. Nearly 80,000 people(35 Canadians) applied to be apart of this project and live on Mars. Those who are sent to go in 2023 will be sent to set up a colony, like what we call a city. The supplies will start being sent in 2016. People would continue to settle on Mars until there’s 20 humans there. That means they would be able to continue living there and have kids and more and more humans will live there. So far, no humans have visited Mars and critics say Mars doesn’t support human life. Thought the people who run the Mars One project are confident that it can happen. Even Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station, who just returned to Earth after five months in space, has shown interest. He said he would be honoured to go to Mars. The project will be filmed for a reality television series to help pay the costs of the project. ISN’T THAT COOL?