You’ve probably heard of Talia Joy Castellano, the 13 year old YouTube Star and CoverGirl Model. She died from cancer in 2013 but before she did, she touched people’s hearts. Her vlog(video blog) began as a way to achieve her dream of becoming a makeup artist, but she had more to share then beauty tips. She made it a goal to help girls feel confident and beautiful, especially ones without hair to cancer treatment. She chose not to wear a wig, saying felt too “fake”. She had the courage being 100% herself and inspired many. With her bubbly personality and sunny outlook she soon got a lot of YouTube followers. Just before 13th bday, learned cancer had spread, making it very unlikely she would be cured. ALTHOUGH, SHE NEVER GAVE UP ON LIFE! She bravely chose to stop her treatment and instead, she went home from hospital and enjoyed every minute she had left. Some days before she died, she wrote long bucketlist which is like a list of things to do before you die, she had some serious, some fun, and just plain silly suggestions. One thing on her list was already done…to be loved. Talia’s life ended before she could finish her bucketlist. In honour, many of her fans decided to do them for her. She showed us how beautiful life is and taught me to be brave, stay true to ourselves and find joy in ever moment.