What is a role model??? A person you admire and respect and can model yourself after to know how to do something. That is what a role model is. Do you have any role models? Your parents were probably your first role models and still are but you don’t have to limit yourself to only two role models. You could have a lot because they each have something different you like about them. For example, I like Hannah Alper because she has a blog and is not afraid to share her opinion, but I like Malala Yousafzai because she stood up for the right to girls education and never gave up, had perseverance even after she got shot in the head. A role model helps you because it had a goal/dream you would look up to them until you succeed. Lots of kids also consider athletes or entertainers as their role models. It’s sensible to choose successful people as your role models, but your role models don’t have to be famous. There are many things you can learn from different people. Role models are all around us.

Role models are very important people in your life because they motivate/influence you to act the way you do in life. I have a lot of role models, famous and not famous. Each of them are one of a kind. They all have inspired me to continue what I love. I believe that all role models are here to motivate good things and not bad things.