I remember when I was in Grade 2 when I had the most awesome best friend ever. Her name was Madison. She was from Europe and without a doubt was so kind to me. We were always stuck in a class together from JK-Grade 2 when I finally had to move to Markham. She always used to help me with problems…..and never could I forget her. We were insperable, always stuck together like glue. We lost contact in grade 4 but I promise you I would never forget her even if I had amnesia. You might think this girl was in grade 1, how can she remember her best friend??? Well, I can remember Madison because she was one of a kind. I used to call her once in a while but I never forgot her. She always used to help me and since we were always in a class together, we went everywhere together. I miss her so much and today I cleaned up my room(for the first time in a while), and I found the card she gave to me when I left. Thank you Madison, for being there, wherever you are right now, hope you’re having a good time.