Many bad and good inspiring things happened in the world in 2013. So much to realize and so much information to take in. Let’s start of with the bad news. Something that happened was the Alberta Floods and the Lac-Megantic Disaster in Canada(train explosion). Rob Ford and his big drama was another one of the top news stories and so was the Boston Marathon Bombing…that caused a lot of sadness and anger at the two boys who set off the bombs. I think a big problem was also the Senate Expense Scandal where four Senators were caught misusing taxpayers money. Another one of those big natural disasters with the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan hit. The Syrian Chemical Weapons issue has also caught the eyes of the world when Syria started launching chemical weapons everywhere. I think another sad news story was when a factory in Bangladesh collapsed….that was really sad as many passed away. In my point the biggest thing was Nelson Mandela’s death. He was a great man and the fact that it happened brought me to tears. RIP Nelson Mandela. Now onto the good things!!! OMG, I remember, the birth of Prince George, now that was a truly magnificent thing. The third in line to the throne was born in July 2013. Let me think….what else? Oh yeah, Chris Hadfield, how could I forget? The Canadian astronaut went to Space for five months in 2013, he shared all these videos on how to sleep in Space, brush in Space and even how to eat in Space. Another great thing was the election of Pope Francis, now reflecting, he was named “Time Magazine’s” person of the year. He has strong leadership, humility and a big concern for the poor. He has brought new energy to the church in Vatican City. Last but not least, Malala Yousafzai and her goal to get every girl to go to school. She was a world-changer and on her 16th birthday she spoke in the UN.

Ok, so before I end this post I want to share the weirdest and craziest thing with you. It’s a video to celebrate 2013. Some YouTubers starred in a mashup of popular moments this year. At the end of the video, they say who was in it. Be sure to watch the full video.