What does health mean to you? Health and wellness. That old saying tells us that if you have your health, you have everything. However, health can mean much more than physical wellness. For some of us, health means being able to get up every morning to go for a run. For others, it’s about finding balance in your day, whether through yoga, art, therapy, or faith. For others, health is about self-acceptance and finding what moves you toward the best possible version of you. To me, health is important. I find more zen in writing and dancing. My recipe for life is:

  • a bit of writing everyday
  • some powernaps
  • eight hours of sleep a day
  • some time on the computer, iPad, eReader
  • reading time
  • exercise using strength
  • eating the greatest food ever
  • hanging out with friends
  • family time
  • games (board, card, trivia) here and there
  • sightseeing and travelling
  • movies and tv
  • school-education is important

Keep this in mind while exploring 2014!