Ok….so in about an hour it will be 2014, a completely new year with beginnings and fresh starts. I decided that I am going to share my resolutions with you. Please read them and tell me what you think, SORRY IF I BORE YOU!

  1. Study well and do good in the Spelling Bee
  2. Say sorry for what you did and reunite
  3. Make more and more friends
  4. Get good grades at school
  5. Continue adding to my bucketlist and blog
  6. Read more awesome books
  7. Take action to try and make a difference this year
  8. Write a book and get it published
  9. Redecorate my room daily
  10. Be more sporty and active
  11. Laugh more

That is it for now. REMEMBER TO LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT AND HAVE A GOOD NEW YEAR!!!!!! Have a good year and remember to come by if you ever need help with anything.