No one can get through life without trouble or tough times. I promise you! ASK ANYBODY and they will tell you,”Yes, I have had trouble. I’ve made mistakes.” or,”I live a hard life, nothing goes right.” The right way to get through them is never to follow what anyone says, listen to what you got to say. Don’t make a bad decision that you’ll regret. I have this friend who always says listen to your heart. I’m listening but sometimes it doesn’t help. Sometimes, the trouble will stay with you until you can find a way to get rid of it without harming anybody/anything. Remember that life is tough, we go through hard decisions. Each one of us have done something bad or even been harmed before, so let’s learn from it and try to take a new path. If that doesn’t work, your last option would be to throw it all out. So remember whether it’s friendship or a dream that never gets accomplished never stop believing in yourself and remember to keep on going, don’t end your life for it!