Today, me, my class and two other classes went on trip to the Markham Civic Centre to learn more about the counsellors role in the municipal government. They used the school bus as transportation to arrive and leave the Markham Civic Center.


We travelled using our school bus!!!! When we first entered the building, we were greeted by Diana Murray, Director of Information. She showed us around the Civic Center. First, we looked at the Markham Coat of Arms on the ground. Diane Murray explained what each of the symbols on the Coat of Arms meant and how they were related to Markham’s history.


It was a very important sign that stood for Markham. The words below the Coat of Arms says,”Leading while Remembering.”

Next, we went to see the Outdoor Arena A.K.A. the Civic Centre Skating Rink. Unfortunately, due to the cold weather, we couldn’t go skating. Later, we went down the stairs to see the Chapel. It’s a place where people have wedding ceremonies and is very busy in the spring and summer. After, we went up the stairs to the Canada Room. In the Canada Room, they hold meetings. On the walls, there were portraits of all the past twenty one prime ministers and the current one, Stephen Harper. Counsellor Alan Ho spoke about the History of Markham and answered any questions we  had. As soon as that was done, we went to the Council Chambers (a big stadium-like room) where a meeting was taking place. We sat down to listen to the important matters about transportation and the GO Transit being discussed by the counsellors and GO Transit representatives. The counsellors welcomed us. Counsellor Carolina Moretti shouted, “They’re all my children”, since she had come to Wismer Public School in December and had already met us. The counsellor gave us a souvenir, Markham pencils!!! Before leaving, we all crowded the front desk to get our last souvenir, Markham Civic Centre flags. All the students left happily including me. It was a very fun trip full of great learning experiences and politics. It was a great trip.