You can’t get rid of your siblings, no matter how much you try. There are many ups and downs to have siblings, but in the end you love them. This post is to pass on some of my experience about siblings to you. There are so many things you have to think about when it comes to siblings.

Getting time with your parents

Sometimes, you need to spend time alone with your parents. When we spend time along with our parents, we can get some good talking done or just have quality fun time. You can do things with your parents alone when your sibling has classes, or when they are busy and you aren’t. My sister likes to go shopping with my mom when I go to classes and spends time with my dad playing games. I like to spend time with my mom when my sister is busy outside with her friends and spend time with my dad when I’m helping out.


There may be times when you want to yell and scream and tear each other’s hair out, but those feelings are okay. Fighting is a painful experience, but you can do it without hurting each other so much, emotionally or physically. Try to see her point of view/perspective. Sometimes, it’s better to talk about your problems rather than yelling. Otherwise, just forgive each other and make sure both of you apologize.

Fun times together

There are always good times when you and your sibling both get along with each other. Those times make you feel much happier so keep the good times rolling and COMPROMISE! Me and my sister used to play pretend where she would be a moviestar and I would ask her for her autograph and I would be this crazy fan. Now that we’re older, we like to go bike riding together, talk to each other, and have meals together.

Getting older

Everyone has to get older one day, but when you grow up, it’s harder to keep in touch with your siblings. You would still get together once in a while and go places, but you will, believe it or not, miss each other. That’s why you have the treasure the time you have now, and never take this time for granted.

Siblinghood is special, so preserve your memories, so you can look back and laugh!