This week has been a pretty good week. So far I have been very busy and I have an exhausting February ahead of me. Over the week I have been doing some writing work. I have my own eReader now, which is my personal writing device to keep notes, add to my blog and track my writing progress. Today as I have probably told you before, I am a Peace Tree Ambassador at school. Well, one of the main highlights of my day was meeting the artist who we would be working on the Peace Tree Mural with. At Wismer, for the first time we are going to be painting a peace tree mural of what peace means to us, students at Wismer. I am very excited to get started with the project. I also overheard that all the grade 6s including me were going on a ski trip on VALENTINE’S DAY! I cannot wait! That’s all for today. This is Adshayah signing off! Have a good week!