Write more. Paint more. Photograph more.

Do something amazing. Go down a different path. 

Challenge myself. 

New year’s resolutions: you might make them, or you may think they’re a waste of time. Whatever the case, you came here! Exploring life, showing the world what you can do and living it up in 2014. I closed out 2013 with a variety of different posts (2013 at a Glance, The World and it’s link to 2014), so let’s brainstorm ways, big and small, to get your work out into the world in 2014.

Think BIG

This year 2014 is all about dreams and inspiration for me. What does 2014 mean to you? One of the sayings you should live up to this year: Think Big! That doesn’t mean travelling the world and sailing through oceans. It just means to go for a big dream of yours. REACH HIGH, AIM FOR THE SKY! This year to think big it means, to publish a book or get at least 150 followers. That`s a big dream of mine. Look for big dreams and reach for them. TAKE ACTION FOR YOUR PASSION!


Consider small goals, too, which help you on your journey to where you’d like to be. Stay motivated!!! Do small things to get to big things. You know one of my quotes are, “In order to reach a big dream you need small dreams.”

  • Do the smaller tasks first. Maybe for you, it`s trying a new thing or taking one of those small steps.
  • Look at some of your role models. Consider what they do and follow in their footsteps. GET MOTIVATED! Live to inspire!

Technically, in my world all of my dreams are big! I don`t really have such a thing as “small dreams”. Maybe it it like that for you too. FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Try new things

Remember to try new things. Maybe you want to learn to play the keyboard…GO FOR IT. Maybe you want to try some Indian foods…TASTE IT! Trying new things might turn out to be a great experience. Who knows??? To me, life is made up of experiences, not things. So trying new things — seeing new places and meeting new people and learning new skills — is what I’ve always done. It’s what makes me feel most alive and what makes my life more awesome. Give it a shot. Try a new food you’ve never had before. Go bowling or trampoline jumping or see a movie that’s usually not your thing. Find a new author to read; experiment with a new recipe. Take a different route to work or on a run. Variety is the spice of a less-boring and happier life!

Image by Yi Zhi (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Take on some big projects/challenges

Try to do a big project this year. Do you have a hobby or a love for something? Are you passionate about animal testing or love writing so much? Well, then do a big project. Take on to do some research. Create something…a blog or a website. GO FOR IT! Start a band or a club. Read great books to get inspired and take on a big project! I know a friend doing a big project on belief and god. I’m doing a big project on inspiration this year. Go for what you like and take on the challenge.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!! Love life, and remember you only live once.