Live, Learn, Laugh, Listen and Love

What are these 5 words? To me, they mean a lot. In life, we have to find out the meaning of why we live and what the point is. Well, I have already thought about that.

This page has 5 words that mean a lot. Read on to see why!


Live your life. Life is all about what you think so live it the way you want. Life is short, live it. Do what you enjoy. Live everyday like there is no tomorrow. Do what you would do every day if it was the last day you lived. Read, write, and be kind, whatever it is. Live it.


One of the reasons why we live is because we have to learn. Learn new things. Learn from our mistakes. Living is all about learning. Living wouldn’t be possible without it. We have to learn from our mistakes and what we do wrong. We also have to learn to do things and make them right.


Laughing is part of your survival kit to live. Laughing is important because it shows that in if we have to be fun and not just serious. There’s always a time for having fun and life isn’t always supposed to be serious.


Always listen. There are so many people to listen to. There are so many people in the world full of wisdom, knowledge and advice. They all have lots of ideas and are there for you. The reason we have ears is to listen so do your best and listen because in life we need to listen to people to know what’s best for us.


Love in life is important. There are so many people who love you and you love too. Love is a part of life. It is a very amazing thing because it shows you have people who care about you. So many different types. Sibling love. Parent Love. Family Love. Gender Love. Love is awesome and you need it in life.

These are the 5 L’s to life and remember to refer to these as often as possible.