I wish I had lived in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were very cheerful. They seemed to have had a more optimistic outlook on life. Their religion is also more attractive; they had a more positive attitude towards their gods/goddesses and their afterlife. The women also had equality rights in Ancient Egypt. That’s good for the Egyptian Women. If you still don’t get why I wish I had lived in Ancient Egypt, read on!

How much magic was there surrounding that time? It seems too unrealistic that there was a period in time where everything was surrounded by curses, magic, tombs, mummies, pharaohs, and so on. There’s just no more magic in this time like there was then. The Egyptians used magic for both practical and religious purposes. They believed magic was a divine creation for the help of people. It was considered a field of knowledge just like architecture, literature, medicine, etc. It was just another category of knowledge to be used in managing their environment and religion.

If I lived in Egypt, I could see the pyramids, the large pyramids that had been there for so many centuries. I don’t know if I could go inside, but even if I can’t then I would have still seen the massive wonder for myself I would probably see mummies and get creeped out though. In ancient Egypt I would have learned the people’s language. Their way of communication. I would have got to live in the homes in ancient Egypt. They aren’t perfect, and beautiful, as you would want them, but in that time, those houses, were the best.

I would have been able to live near the Nile River, which was in the centre of Ancient Egypt. The annual floods brought rich black soil to the banks of the Nile River and made it possible for farmers to grow crops. The Nile is the world’s longest river. It is over 4000 miles long! Thanks to the Nile, these ancient people had fresh water for drinking and bathing. The Nile supported transportation and trade. It provided materials for building, for making cloth for clothes, and even for making paper – made from the wild papyrus weed, that grew along the shores of the Nile. Because of the Nile, the ancient Egyptians enjoyed a high standard of living compared to other ancient civilizations.

These are the reasons that if I had to live in a civilization, it would be Ancient Egypt.