I don’t know why but I know that my life has been the most amazing recently. I love the way things are working out. It’s awesome. The busiest week of my life is also coming up. Next week from the 9th to 16th. It’s so busy my head will probably not even be functioning because too much is going on. Next week is the Peace Tree Mural, which I will talk about in my next post, my grandpa and uncle is coming, so many assignments are due, the Mayhem brothers are coming to our school, and we have a big birthday party planned for my sis. Valentines Day is even next week. I am so excited. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to snow really bad. I forgot to mention we changed groups. I am adjusting, I easily connect with my environment so I don’t really mind who I’m sitting with. Anyways, I’ll come back with posts this whole week. I’ll try to add next week if I can. Have a good week!