The countdown has begun for the 2014 Winter Olympics happening in Sochi, Russia. The last winter games were held in Vancouver in 2010, and it was the second time the games were held in Canada. This year, will be the first time a Russian city is hosting the winter Olympic Games.

Even if you’re not interested in the games, everyone will be watching the grand opening ceremony. It is likely to be spectacular since this event has been the most expensive Olympic Games in history at fifty billion dollars. From dazzling lights and colours, to sensational acts; from musical performances to parades of member nations.

The organizers have kept the opening ceremony a surprise, so everyone can expect something spectacular. Although, the authorities have given away a bit by saying that almost 1,070 people will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of this Olympic Games. Singers, theatre actors, dancers, directors, musicians and circus performers will take part in the ceremonies, which will cost the Russian government 1.1 million dollars.

The big opening ceremony will take place at Sochi’s First Olympic Stadium today, 11 am. The stadium, which cost $780 million to build, is able to hold 40,000 people and has a roof that can change colors and draw different patterns.

In Canada, CBC will broadcast the events starting with a pre-show at 10 am. Canadians can also check for the livestream. You can also download the Sochi 2014 app to see all the details. Be sure to watch the opening ceremony, if you’re able to.