Hi everyone, my life is pretty good. Once again this is the busiest week of my life. I completely forgot to do the Peace Tree Post!! Really sorry….I can’t do it now. I’ll find time on Sunday or Monday. Anyways today is my Girl Guides Vaentines Day Party and I brought my best friend Christine a.k.a. my writing partner. TOMORROW, REPORT CARDS ARE COMING HOME! I’m scared yet I want to really know what I got. Also, I really like this website so I have decided to share it. The website is http://www.rdio.com. It’s an amazing website. You can listen to any song on it. There are also apps on the iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android products. The only downer is that you need an account on it. Anyways my life is good. Peace Tree is coming out well…I love the mural we’re painting.